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Social engineering is currently a prevalent threat that keeps evolving. With social engineering attacks becoming more and more sophisticated, companies and organisations have a hard time keeping up and making current, informed decisions. They need a multi-layered, consistent, and organized approach.

There are two main groups that constitute and influence the effectiveness of the “human firewall”:

1. Security executives and security teams: From the CISO to the cyber threat intelligence and security teams, these professionals are essential to the creation and maintenance of good organizational security standards. They must make informed decisions based on current information on the social engineering threat landscape.

2. Employees: They must be informed and trained to recognize social engineering attacks and the new methodologies attackers employ. They also need to know how to respond to them. This is an ongoing process.

Our Social Engineering - Peace Of Mind Service

We help companies and organisations keep up with the developments and adjust their social engineering security posture on an ongoing basis.

We understand the energy, time and resources needed to keep up to date regarding the progression of social engineering attacks, and to inform all managers and employees.

With our subscription-based service we keep companies and organisations up to date and help them meet their security goals for an increasingly stronger social engineering defence. Through our in-depth specialization on this topic, we cut through the complexities and take care of key social engineering security components, so that our clients can have peace of mind.

Our continuous service package offers the following services:

1. Knowledge Updates: We monitor the developments of the industry and the social engineering attacks, and send 4 newsletters per year (one each quarter) that provide you with the knowledge necessary to assess your risks and make educated tactical or strategic decisions.

2. Teleconference Consulting Sessions: We discuss developments, answer questions, and provide expert opinion on improving the security posture of the organisation’s “human firewall”. We help the CISO and his team implement their security program, communicate it to all employees and improve the organisation’s security culture.

3. Training: We provide social engineering awareness training that we tailor according to each client's needs. Each training session builds upon the other.

We make sure that our attendees are learning new important security elements with each session but are also reminded of previous key learnings. We take care of the training process entirely.

We ascertain an entertaining and educational training that positively influences employee behavior. We develop the employees’ security sensors to recognize and prevent attacks, and increasingly support the organization’s security culture.

4. Open Source Intelligence - Research and Analysis: We conduct twice per year an Open Source Intelligence assessment. We identify possible risks and vulnerabilities that are public, available, and leave the organisation exposed to risks that can be exploited by threat actors.

We look into publicly available resources on the client organization and entities closely associated to them, including business partners and service providers. By identifying the information and opportunities an attacker may exploit, organizations have the chance to proactively prepare on mitigating risks and educating their employees.

We understand that information exposure is often unavoidable, and sometimes it serves significant organisational interests. Unavoidably, this exposure comes with certain risks. Our findings are always followed with recommendations and advice to help organisations minimize or eliminate risks, and act proactively against certain threats.

Companies and organizations may contact us to discuss their specific needs. Clients may choose any combination of the above services.

Once we determine the requirements of each organisation, we take care of the rest. We employ our expertise and offer clients peace of mind, as they meet best practices and international standards in protecting their organisation in this field.

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Cyber security is ofter boring for employees. We can make it exciting.

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Online Training

Recorded on-demand training and live webinars.

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In-house Training

Engaging training classes and workshops.

Social Engineering Cybersecurity Training

Social Engineering

Developing the human perimeter to deal with cyber threats.

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For the Board

Short and comprehensive briefings for the board of directors.

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Open source intelligence (OSINT) reports and recommendations.

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High Value Targets

They have the most skilled adversaries. We can help.

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