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The world of cyber security and privacy is constantly changing. Today, effective cyber security programs involve the entire organization and not only the IT or the information security teams. Employees that have access to critical assets of an organization, have become primary targets of cyber attacks. Those that have access to technology and organizational assets are also responsible for the protection of those assets. Are they fit and proper to handle this responsibility? Do they have the awareness and skills necessary to meet these expectations?

Our training programs have the objective to help managers and employees not only understand the cyber security threats, but also their responsibility towards protecting the assets they handle. We explain how to proactively apply good cyber security practices, how to identify threats and attacks, and what to do to protect themselves and their organizations. Cyber security is a shared responsibility.

Online Training Formats

All our training programs are also offered in the formats of “Online Live Training” and “Video-Recorded Training”.

Online Live Training

The training will be delivered live through an online platform. We tailor our method of delivery (interactive, non-interactive, etc.) to the needs of our clients.

Video-Recorded Training

We tailor the training content according to the client's needs, and we record it in a professional studio. The training material (including any subsequent updates) is licensed by Cyber Risk GmbH to the client for training purposes. The client may incorporate the recorded videos to their internal learning platform and make them available on-demand.

Terms and conditions

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We tailor each program to the needs of the client. We can provide trainings as short as 30 minutes, but we can also deep dive into our topics for 1-2 days. The duration depends entirely on the needs, the agreed content of the program and the case studies.

Our Education Method

In the core of our training approach is to ensure that our delivery is relatable, engaging, and interesting. We always make cyber security training an exciting adventure for our attendees. Our instructors have trained thousands of employees across the globe and have the skills and experience necessary to ensure that attendees will enjoy the process and they will learn. Our training programs can have workshop elements that get everyone involved.

Our Instructors

They are working professionals that have the necessary knowledge and experience in the fields in which they teach. They can lead full-time, part-time, and short-form programs that are tailored to the client's needs. The client will always know up front who the instructor of the training program will be.

Our Training Programs:

Information Security Awareness Training

1. Information Security Awareness Training: Managers and employees must understand the risk of cyber threats, and why cyber security is a shared responsibility. Process owners and persons having access to systems and data learn practical cyber security best practices to help protect themselves and their organization from cyber threats.

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Social Engineering Awareness Defense

2. Social Engineering, Awareness and Defense: About 80% of cyber attacks are being initiated or executed through social engineering. In this course, managers and employees learn to identify social engineering attacks, recognize the red flags, and respond to psychological exploitation from threat actors. Attendees learn to better protect the systems, assets, and information they handle.

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Practical Social Engineering

3. Practical Social Engineering. Defense and Protection of Sensitive Information: Sensitive or classified information is often a powerful, high-value asset that attracts many attackers. Governmental or non-governmental organizations and companies handling this information acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to identify potential threats and respond to them. They also learn to be proactive in avoiding information leaks.

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Insider Threats Awareness Training

4. Insider Threats Awareness Training: When insiders blend illicit activities with licit business and harm their own organization, other employees often become silent witnesses of this activity. We help employees understand the insider threat, recognize the red flags of insider threat activity, respond to it by informing their organization, and more.

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Cybersecurity training for banks

5. The target is the bank. From hacking to cybercrime to cyberespionage: The number of cyber-attacks directed at financial institutions of all sizes is growing. Cyber risks, like reputational and financial risks, affect a bank’s bottom line. We help key people in financial institutions understand how cyber-criminals operate, the exploitation of IT vulnerabilities or the use of deceptive or manipulative attacks on people to gain access to facilities, systems, and the critical infrastructure.

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Cybersecurity training for the hospitality industry

6. Cybersecurity training for managers and employees working in the hospitality industry: For decades, when we were using the words “hotel security”, we were usually referring to “physical security”. It was all about guest protection, locks, safes, and surveillance. Guests and hotel employees today expect that the same level of protection extends to the digital assets that reside not only on their laptops and smartphones, but also on the hotel’s systems.

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Cybersecurity training for the aviation industry

7. Cybersecurity training for managers and employees working in the commercial and private aviation industry: The commercial and private aviation must comply with cyber security and privacy laws and regulations and must follow international standards and best practices that protect their customers and employees. Aircraft cybersecurity involves the policies, procedures, awareness and training for the prevention, detection, and response to deliberate malicious acts that target systems, persons (via social engineering) and data, to compromise an aircraft's systems and staff.

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Cybersecurity training for the healthcare industry

8. Cybersecurity training for managers and employees working in the healthcare industry: In 2020, hospitals, healthcare providers and medical facilities were struggling to handle not only the influx of patients suffering from Covid-19, but also a surge of ransomware attacks, as criminals (including state-sponsored groups) exploited the crisis to hit the sector. Month after month, there are many successful cyberattacks on the healthcare industry. Cybersecurity breaches that expose sensitive data from thousands of people are especially important, as the privacy rules have become a nightmare for healthcare providers.

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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Training

9. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for EU and non-EU based companies. The new privacy and security requirements: The GDPR is applicable for EU and non-EU companies that are offering goods or services to identified or identifiable EU natural persons ("data subjects"), organizations processing personal data of EU data subjects, or organizations that monitor the online behaviour of EU data subjects. Non-EU companies that have no local presence in the EU are also in the scope of the GDPR legislation.

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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Board Training

10. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for the Board of Directors and the CEO of EU and non-EU based companies: The CEO and the Board must understand the new obligations, must be able to support their organization, and ensure the consistent application of the regulation.

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Cybersecurity Training

11. Your program: Let us know what you have in mind. We can develop and tailor a program to meet your requirements. You may contact us to discuss your needs.

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