Social Engineering

Cybersecurity is not only a technical challenge

It is also a behavioral challenge. As long as managers and employees can provide access to systems and data, cybersecurity depends on them too.

Employees that have access to critical assets of an organization, become targets. Those that have access to technology and organizational assets are also responsible for the protection of those assets. Are they fit and proper to handle this responsibility? Do they have the awareness and skills necessary to protect themselves and their organisation?

We offer specialized training and services aiming to develop the organizational human firewall. Our training programs and services can also be provided remotely.

a. Social Engineering: Awareness and Defence. You may visit:

b. Practical Social Engineering Defence: Protection of Sensitive Information. You may visit:

c. Social Engineering – Peace of Mind Service. You may visit:

Our Services

Cyber security is ofter boring for employees. We can make it exciting.

Online Training

Recorded on-demand training and live webinars.

In-house Training

Engaging training classes and workshops.

Social Engineering

Developing the human perimeter to deal with cyber threats.

For the Board

Short and comprehensive briefings for the board of directors.


Open source intelligence (OSINT) reports and recommendations.

High Value Targets

They have the most skilled adversaries. We can help.

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